On April 28, we won the bid for the "procurement bidding project of DN15 pipeline gas self closing valve" implemented by Mingshi coalbed methane utilization Co., Ltd. of Shanxi Jinmei group.

Leaders of the bidding project company attached great importance to the specific requirements of bidding documents and technical quality. Due to the tight time and heavy workload, under the leadership of the leader, the colleagues of the Department worked hard, United and cooperated, worked together, and completed the task of preparing the tender document with high efficiency and quality, and submitted it to the tenderee on schedule. Finally, our company won the affirmation of the bid evaluation experts and the bid inviter with excellent scheme, perfect service standard and reasonable quotation, and won the bid successfully. Write a brilliant note on the company's development blueprint. It also laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of our company in the future.

Chengdu Tenda Gas Equipment Co., Ltd

April 28, 2019